Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year of Steam

Hello, how's it going?

I'll make this quick as it will be my first blog post, and I'm eager to get into the juicy stuff. I'm a Father, Husband, Former Marine, I work full time, and I'm a full time student. So life is pretty hectic for me.

The one thing that I enjoy doing on my free time (whatever it is that I get) is to play video games, un-repentantly. I play them whenever I get the time. In between projects, before dinner, while my son is sleeping. After my son has gone to sleep and I've spent some time with the wife. There isn't a time where I'm not looking forward to the to playing the next game on my to-do list.

This leads me to my other problem. I'm actively addicted to the Steam Seasonal Sales. They're amazing, and the culture that the online shopping medum has cultivated is my biggest indulgence. My wife hates it, but the fact of the matter is that I just can't stop myself from purchasing a game at 75% to 85% off, and knowing that I'll get every cent back at a later date.

Now mind you I don't just spend money on any game. Just like seeking out a member of the opposite sex, I have a type. Strategy, platformers, rpgs...I'll be honest my types extend over a wide variety of the genres. I could be called promisucuous when it comes to interactive media.

The problem really comes to bear when I find myself stacking game upon game on my list, and don't seem to come across the time to make a positive impact on that list. Instead I somehow end up spending $5 here and there to add another game which will give me 8 or more hours of enjoyment, which I may never find before the apocalypse.

So now begins my journey. On January 1st 2014, I've begun to play and review as many games as possible on my Steam Library (and possibly consoles). I'm going to try to play and review a game every 3 days or so. I may not get around to beating the games, but I can at least talk about the mechanics, my experiences, and an incomplete opinion of each game as I play them.

If this gets enough attention I may even get to playing some games that the community suggests. Don't hold your breath though, I've got a years worth of games to play.

Let's hope my Steam doesn't run out.

(That wasn't quick at all. Dammit.)

In case you want to connect on Steam, my game name is Divine Intervention.

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