Saturday, January 25, 2014

3 days of...Team Fortress 2!

Not much to say besides what's with the hats?

I didn't get to play much of the game of choice this week. Maybe I'll go back to it here soon. This happens to be one of the weeks where I'm extremely busy with work, school, and family. There wasn't enough time in the week to get everything done and then my car broke down. Great.

I'm going to burn everything!!!
Anyway, I got to go through TF2 for the first time in, oh I don't know, 2 years. I hadn't played much beyond when it first came out and I had a lot of fun. Since then it's gone free to play, and I don't quite know if I agree with the business model. I already paid for it, so valve got my money. I think I would invest in a new weapon, that gave me a different ability too.

The hats though, apparently that's where it's at. Personality is in the hats. Everyone was wearing them! I don't even know where they got them all. Do they get unlocked in free play mode? Or do I really have to pay $2.50 and up for a different and new hat? They don't even do anything really though. This is the first time I remember a game having you pay for something entirely cosmetic, and people actually going nuts over it. There are tons of them now, and I haven't gotten to try any of them out.
Too cool to be on fire in that fedora.

Seriously though, that and a ton of new achievements, have got me wanting to play this more than ever now. The violent cartoony goodness is just too much to resist. I just need to find out whether or not achievements are congruent with new unlocks, or if I really just need to unload my wallet to get new stuff. Either way, I'm a big fan of the series and I'll definitely keep playing, as a matter of fact, I'll probably play some more right now.

You'll like this game if: As a kid, you wanted to give Saturday morning cartoons guns, and throw them in an arena death match.

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