Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm Back!

Level Complete!

I'm just coming back to this blog after the last few months spent finishing off my Bachelors degree. Thankfully that is all over and I have the time now to get back to interesting and fun things during my free time. This means getting back to writing about games I do and don't like. I am still going to continue on with my Steam list and try to get all of them reviewed and in this blog. 

I feel like the problem with writing a blog about reviewing games is there are lots of sources of reviews out there that assign a score and say why it deserves that score. I'm a big proponent of the theory that every game has its merits and I want to focus on those merits more than the pitfalls that many games come across. In that way I'm going to try to start focusing on the things that the games I play do well and what I look forward to in the future from these features. Observing the evolution of games and looking for the traits that are strongest. Finding those traits in the next generation of games.

Also since I'm a business major I'd like to develop more of a temperature of the gaming industry and the strategies that modern gaming companies are following. These things interest me, and they give us a more personal view of the people and companies that are behind the games we play. Since this is my blog it's what I'll be writing about on occasion. Not every day mind you, but occasionally.

This is a personal project for me and in that way it will contain lots of my opinions that I will do my best to back up with facts or logical progression of ideas. I want to spend some time in dialogue about these ideas and get some clarity that I don't usually find other places. This is a legitimate industry that is rising to meet other media sources and I want to develop it in a legitimate way.

I'll be writing more soon!


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